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Watch Crash Course in Citizen Development with App Build Demo


As part of the recent PMI VES series, Jody Temple White—PMP, Citizen Developer and Operations Strategist—shared an example of citizen development in action.

Jody describes a typical business challenge, talks about the process of developing an app and what you need to do before you start building anything.

She explores some of the PMI frameworks and tools you can use, how PMI is supporting Citizen Developers, and then walks us through a demo of an actual app build. Check it out!

Check out the video (which you can also see here), or watch it below!

About PMI Citizen DeveloperTM
PMI has worked with leading experts and thought leaders across the globe to develop the world’s first vendor-agnostic governance framework for citizen development – PMI Citizen DeveloperTM. By adopting this offering, leaders will begin to see the benefits across their organizations and employees will be able to build a universal foundation of citizen development applicable to any platform. Learn more at

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