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Tips for Getting Started with a No-Code Platform


Welcome to the first in our no-code video series created in partnership with Max Mirho of Entreprenerd. You may be familiar with him from his recent live webinar “Watch a No-Code App Live Build.”

In this first video, Max talks about how to get started with no-code tools, sharing his three top tips for you. Check out the video, and the transcript below:



Hello, my name is Max and today we're going to be talking about tips for getting started with a no-code platform.

So, if you don't know what no-code is, no-code is basically, think of like WordPress or SquareSpace, website builders, right? Previously, 10 years ago, five years ago, you needed to know how to program HTML, CSS, JavaScript, all this fancy programming stuff to effectively build a website. Now you don't need any of that. You can use this online platform to let you build these awesome previously need-code kind of tools.

And the same is now true for apps, databases, payment pages, sales funnels, all sorts of really crazy things. So, websites are super easy. But today we're gonna be talking about tips for getting started in the no-code space if you want to start building things websites, apps, digital products, physical products, whatever it is you want to get started building stuff.

And what would I recommend, I run a show personally called …

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