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The Role of Compelling Events In Our Projects

Northern Italy Chapter

Alessandro is an Analyst Consultant and a member of the PMI Northern Italy Chapter.

To be driven to action, clients and stakeholders require continuous involvement through incentives and stimulation. The will they exercise in these decisions allows them to share their visions while providing feedback on the situation—as it arises—allowing the teams and the customers to receive guidance pertinent to crucial aspects of the project. Through the use of an innovative mix of mindset and responsiveness, agile methods can be used to navigate the ever-changing business world, utilizing flexible reactiveness at all times to face upcoming challenges.

Project environments often face distinctive shifts with timing and scope management. As the PMI Pulse of the Profession® report Beyond Agility: Flex to the Future suggests, adaptability, an innovative mindset, and the awareness of the particular business environment are some of the greatest priorities within organizations that adopt a PMO approach to projects.[1] These rising preferences have lead companies to adjust their way of managing their work, people and clients—as what the market is really asking of organizations is to understand the necessities the clients are not aware of yet.

Pulse of the Profession: Beyond Agility: Flex to the Future, Appendix, page 30
(Data in this appendix represents the global totals from 3,950 project professionals who responded to the 2021 Pulse of the Profession survey, conducted…

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