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Low-Code/No-Code Platforms That Offer Free Trials [DOWNLOAD]


Citizen development continues to grow, and PMI has launched more resources to help support project managers and interested parties to learn about this new approach.

If you are interested in testing out low-code/no-code platforms, use our downloadable list to find a platform that best fits your citizen development project’s needs... for free!

Each of the platforms on our list offers a free trial, which is ideal for testing and trying out to see if it matches your requirements.

Please note this list is not comprehensive, if you know a platform that is offering free trials, let us know and we would be happy to add it.

To download our list, just click here (PDF format).

And if you need some tips on choosing a tool watch our recent webinar here. And read How to Choose the Right Low-Code No-Code Software and 6 Key Steps for Choosing the Right Low-Code/No-Code Platform.

About PMI Citizen DeveloperTM
PMI has worked with leading experts and thought leaders across the globe to develop the world’s first vendor-agnostic governance framework for citizen development – PMI Citizen DeveloperTM. By adopting this offering, leaders will begin to see the benefits across their organizations and employees will be able to build a universal foundation of citizen development applicable to any platform. Learn more at

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