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Conversations on Citizen Development: Driving Operational Excellence with LCNC

Arjun is the Managing Director for FTI Consulting in the UK.

TrackVia's no-code application platform has empowered citizen developers to digitize workflows and extend legacy systems since 2006. Building on this legacy, TrackVia recently achieved the Gold Tier status in the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program, demonstrating its commitment to align with global citizen development standards. Click here to learn more about the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Program.

Hear from Matt Hubbard, TrackVia’s Head of Operational Excellence Practice, as he joins us to discuss his perspective on citizen development and where the movement is headed.

Check out the video and the transcript below!

Arjun Jamnadass: Hello, and welcome to another episode of Conversations on Citizen Development. Today, my guest is Matt Hubbard. It's an absolute pleasure to have you on board. So, Matt heads up operational excellence at a vendor called TrackVia, who are making some immense waves actually in the space of citizen development. So, it's absolutely delighted to have you on the call today.

Matt Hubbard: Thank you for having me. Arjun, I appreciate it.

Arjun Jamnadass: Let's get straight into it. So Matt, fascinating background. Tell me a little bit about your journey. So, what what's taken you to this point? And what are you doing at TrackVia?

Matt Hubbard: Oh, sure. Yeah. So, if I may, let me start by saying I…

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