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Citizen Development and the Adoption of Low-Code No-Code [INFOGRAPHIC]


The low-code/no-code software market is growing apace and lots of software platforms are appearing every week. But what about organizations? Are they using low-code or no-code technologies? Here are some stats on citizen development and the adoption of LCNC:

  • 58% of developers cite educating leadership about secure DevOps as the biggest challenge they face in adopting low-code development platforms (Source: IDC)
  • 26% of executives named “low-code/no-code development platforms” as their most important automation investment, which has more than doubled (from 10% to 26%) since COVID-19 (Source: KPMG)
  • 41% of developers want more than half of their organization’s app development to be low-code. (Source: Nuxeo)

“Citizen development can make application and software development significantly faster and less costly—which, in turn, can lead to hyper-agile ways of working and allow companies to bring products and services to market faster than ever before.” — Michael DePrisco, VP Global Experience and Solutions, Project Management Institute

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With the right tools, training and partner support, leaders from all industries and sectors can leverage citizen development …

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