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Using Low-Code Delivers Savings, Increased Profitability and More Accurate Data for Stearns Lending


We bring you this installment in our Real-Life Citizen Development series to showcase great examples of citizen development in action. This case study was originally published online and is being re-published by PMI with full permission. PMI Citizen Developer™ is a vendor-agnostic approach and does not publish this example to promote or offer any evaluation of the particular software used, but to instead to highlight the challenge an organization faced, how it overcame it using citizen development, and the outcomes and benefits it has experienced as a result.

If you would like to submit your own low-code/no-code story from your organization, you can email us at [email protected] for more information.

Stearns Lending, a billion-dollar mortgage bank with 1,700 employees, is a leading provider of lending services in wholesale and retail sectors throughout the United States.

The Challenge
The organization relied heavily on manual data entry, email and spreadsheets to move data around for loan applications and for back-office reporting and tracking. Another key challenge was turnaround time, delaying the sale of a loan because inaccurate data and documentation meant increased costs and cash flow impact as well as longer hold times.

The Solution
Stearns used TrackVia’s low-code platform to streamline processes and automate data …

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