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An Overview on Creating a Culture for Citizen Development


With the right culture, citizen development can become a highly efficient, continuously improving and innovating machine. Citizen development has the ability to unleash productivity by empowering individuals to innovate and solve problems they see around them.

In many established organizations, citizen development can be a disruptive force of change—and it can be met with the same challenges that are associated with all disruptive and transformative initiatives. Understanding the culture and providing a model for observing culture—linking the individual, the operating model and the organizational culture—paves the way for creating simple and effective changes to influence the culture toward embracing citizen development.

Creating the culture in practice
What do we mean by culture and why is it important?

An organization’s culture has a significant impact on performance. Organizational culture is the way people in an organization get work done. It is a set of habits that manifest themselves in the day-to-day practices and routines performed by individuals and teams.

Culture is often seen as abstract and difficult to influence or change; however, it is possible to alter the operating system that impacts the culture. In the figure below, you can see the interplay of the individual in an organization, the organization’s culture, and the …

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