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A Guide for Government Organizations to Citizen Development Using Low-Code or No-Code


Citizen development encompasses the use of low-code or no-code platforms to create applications. These applications can play a central role in the digital transformation of government bodies, helping to automate business workflows, integrate data sources and drive costs down.

Concerns or Issues that Government Organizations May Have With Using Citizen Development
In many ways, government organizations are no different from private companies that are looking to implement low-code or no-code solutions, with key concerns around data integrity and security, integration with existing systems and matching solutions to requirements. These are all issues faced by any organization who wishes to go down this route.

But there are additional considerations that government agencies may have:

  • There may be higher concern about data security, and government security requirements can be more stringent.
  • Procurement processes can take longer and there may be purchase compliance standards and more justification required.
  • New systems may have to integrate with much older legacy systems, making projects more complex.
  • Budgets may be tighter than in the private sector, meaning tighter control is needed.
  • The culture of the agency may not be as open to innovation or digital transformation.

This can mean that government organizations are even more focused on finding the …

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