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Conversations on Citizen Development: Leveraging Data with No-Code for New Innovative Ways of Working


Mat Rule, CEO and Founder of Toca, and Sam Sibley, Global Head for Citizen Developer at PMI, had a wide-ranging conversation about citizen development and how it can be used to de-risk development.

Check out the video and the transcript below!

Sam Sibley: Hello and welcome to our newest edition of Conversations on Citizen Development. My name is Sam Sibley, and I'm the Global Head of the Citizen Developer practice at PMI. I'm delighted today to be joined by Mat Rule, CEO and founder of Toca. Matt, welcome.

Mat Rule: Thanks Sam, good to be here.

Sam Sibley: Thanks for coming. So, Mat for the viewers who aren't familiar with Toca, give us a couple of minutes on the background and really, why did you found Toca and how does it position in an ever-changing, fast-paced market like the CD technology market that we have today?

Mat Rule: So, we founded Toca a number of years ago, initially back in 2018, but the idea and the project went back to 2016. Obviously, the terms “no-code,” “citizen developer,” they weren't terms we knew of when we started. We started really in physical robotics, and we were building software to control physical robots that were testing touchable devices.

And it was one of our early prospects who said could we re-use. So, just to let everybody know, we built this no-code—albeit without…

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