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5 Low-Code/No-Code Real-Life Examples That Resulted in Increased Revenue [Infographic]


One of the most significant benefits of using citizen development and a low-code or no-code approach is increased sales and revenue. We have rounded up five different examples of citizen development, all of which are great examples of delivering increased revenue using this approach.

1. Arlington Orthopedic Sees an 18% Boost of Company Revenue
Using low-code analytics has helped Arlington Orthopedic Specialists speed up payment and claims investigations, boosting company revenue by 18%. Patient count has doubled without adding maintenance and IT support cost or resources.

“Without our new system, I would probably need to hire five or six financial analysts to perform the same volume and quality of analytics.” — Honey Ranario, CFO, Arlington Orthopedic Specialists

2. Brazilian Telecoms Company Oi Increases Average Customer Revenue
Brazilian telecom network provider Oi services more than 70 million customers. Using a low-code platform, Oi created one unified, efficient system across 22 operations, 9,000 call center agents, and 1,000 stores—complete with AI-powered next-best actions that guide an agent to make the right offer at the right time.

“The implementation of the next-best-action strategy has driven efficiencies of more than a few hundred million dollars. So, it’s been very significant to our bottom line.” &…

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