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Ways That Citizen Development Can Effectively Engage Employees


Whether they work in a large, medium or small organization, employees are key to the success of the organization—and empowering them to solve business problems and help bring innovation to the organization can be very rewarding for the individual employee.

There are many ways that citizen development can engage employees; here are just a few ways in which it can be an inspiration and a driver of change.

Employees Will Feel Empowered
By being able to build apps (in a managed, secure way), employees will feel more empowered as they can help solve business problems quickly. And seeing positive results from one app in one part of the company can also help engage employees in other departments and divisions. Following one successful app implementation, Belron Autoglass has now deployed over 40 apps with increased user engagement.

By equipping and supporting people to develop things they know will make their job easier, the company has built a culture of empowerment and trust. This will also create opportunities for the organization helping to digitally transform and drive innovation.

Easier Ways of Doing Things Can Increase Engagement
Low-code or no-code apps can make it easier for employees to do things, making them more likely to engage.

DEME Group used no-code to implement a new, enhanced system to streamline operations and increase user …

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