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Win Everything You Need To Become a PMI Citizen DeveloperTM


Learn how to unlock the potential of citizen development! The PMI Citizen Developer™ Foundation course has been specially designed for individuals of all levels interested in learning more about citizen development and is now available online.

This 90-minute Foundation course introduces:

  • What citizen development is
  • Why citizen development is important
  • The role of citizen development in today’s business world.

The PMI Citizen Developer™ Practitioner course is for the “doers.” It provides the tools and methodologies needed to efficiently create effective and scalable applications using low-code and no-code platforms, solving the problems that organizations face. This course consists of eight modules with downloadable tools, templates and case studies based on real-life experiences.

The accompanying book, Citizen Development: The Handbook for Creators and Change Makers, brings together the latest thinking on citizen development from industry thought leaders, low-code/no-code vendors, transformation experts, and executives who oversee large technology investments.

This month we are giving away an amazing prize of everything you need to become a PMI Citizen Developer™ to one lucky winner from our citizen development community! As well as a copy of the definitive guide to Citizen Development, one lucky winner …

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