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Conversations on Citizen Development: Ask the Expert (Part 1) - Advice on Adopting Low-Code/No-Code

Mario is an experienced PMO manager with more than 15 years managing portfolios, programs and projects in Telecom, IT, Infrastructure, Defense, Space and Aeronautics. He also teaches project management, strategy and business administration at colleges and business schools/MBA courses.

In this article, you will learn tips and tricks on how to adopt citizen development from nine experts that were interviewed as part of Ask the Expert Series 2021 at

I know from experience that your first steps with low-code are challenging. If you have an IT background, it may be a little bit easier. However, the people who will benefit the most from citizen development are business professionals.

One valuable piece of advice is to find someone that can help you in your citizen developer journey. Although there is a lot of information on the internet and various courses, having a mentor or partner to guide you on your first steps will save you a lot of time.

The most important piece of advice that I could give to a person, a citizen developer who is starting out with low-code/no-code, is make sure you are partnering with someone who really understands the toolset and the best practices and has sort of a system-thinking skill set.”
– Lori Breithbart

A partner, a mentor or a community of practice gets you halfway there. These people can guide and motivate you in your citizen development journey. But they cannot do the work for you. To learn, you must practice.

“Be prepared to fail...Start small and then incrementally grow.”
– Liam Moran

If you do not start, you will never become a citizen developer. On…

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