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What Is the Best CD Operating Model for Your Organization?

Mario is an experienced PMO manager with more than 15 years managing portfolios, programs and projects in Telecom, IT, Infrastructure, Defense, Space and Aeronautics. He also teaches project management, strategy and business administration at colleges and business schools/MBA courses.

In a previous article, I answered the question “Why Go for the Citizen Developer Certification?” It is somewhat easy to start building applications using low-code platforms, as you may have heard. You may already have tried some of these tools to automate workflows and improve productivity.

On one hand, experimenting with citizen developer solutions empowers users and fosters innovation. On the other hand, there are valid concerns around security, governance, scalability, reliability and more. In this article, I want to focus on the PMI Citizen Developer™ Maturity Model, starting with the three main CD operating models: competency center, community of practice, and hybrid.

Competency Center
Often chosen by the hierarchical and traditional organization, a competency center is responsible for defining the citizen development strategy and implementation organization-wide. The competency center should comprise seasoned professionals with the knowledge and hands-on experience in IT combined with a deep understanding of low-code platforms.

Usually, the IT function or department is strongly related to the competency center, performing oversight, support, and promotion of citizen development. The advantage of this operating model is that there is a high degree of control in defining and implementing citizen development to the organization, …

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