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Smarten Up: Building an Intelligent Corporation
Part 4: Structuring Your Organization

Relationship Intelligence and Supply Chain Intelligence play the largest role in building a better relationship with customers and delivering them the right product on time, but organizations often spend too much time looking externally and not enough time looking internally. Having an efficient, streamlined corporation definitely plays a very important role in being profitable. Additionally, just as organizations need to build relationships with their customers, they need to build relationships with their employees. Companies with high turnover and low employee morale can be as disastrous as those that fail to sell the right products to the right customers. Business intelligence can play a large role in diagnosing the internal health of an organization. We call this third and final BI – organizational intelligence.

Organizational intelligence can play many roles within an organization. Whether it helps a company to understand its financial health and employee turnover or to service problems within a call center, organizational intelligence can tell companies a lot. Here are a few key areas where organizational intelligence can add a great deal of value:

  • Financial intelligence – Most companies have an assortment of general ledger accounts that manage the spending within the organization. The values in these accounts change from year to year …

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