Roll Your Own DAD!

Happy Father’s Day to DAD--which is one year old this month. DAD (Distributed Application Development) is actually the acronym for the james martin+co methodology for OO and component development. The development of DAD as an OO process was strongly influenced by other OO methods and processes. We started with a strong and successful client-server process, which was object-oriented. It was strong in project management and design, but weak in business analysis and formal OO methods. So we added most of the UML formalism and we borrowed some of the concepts from Catalysis. We made sure that business modeling was front and center with Jacobson’s use case concepts. Next we augmented the design side of the house with OO patterns and frameworks. Design patterns are useful in the design stage of a project. Patterns like "Model-View-Controller" or "fatade" can simplify the design and save coding time. Object frameworks provide a preliminary breakout of the design areas and save design time while providing a strong intellectual framework for system design concepts. One last word: All of those concepts were derived from real-world experience at client sites. 

So the DAD methodology is built on "something borrowed, something new…" You can of course reuse the DAD process and customize it for your project (take a look at the DAD process 

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