Project Management

The Old College Try

Paula Weber

When Oscar Bartlett, project manager and graduate of Big Midwestern State University (BMSU), got a chance to implement a telecommunications management system at his alma mater, he got more than a passing grade. Here's a textbook case of successful project management. 

"Never in a gazillion years did I think I’d ever go back to BMSU for anything except homecoming games and alumni functions, but life and project management move in mysterious ways," Oscar smiles. "After college, I moved from Indiana to the East Coast to start my career as a project team member at Telecommunications Monopoly & Monolith. I got great telecom experience there, but wanted to work for a smaller company where I could get more actual experience as a hands-on project manager. Ten years after graduation, I found myself working for Lean & Mean, a tiny but feisty telecommunications software company whose guest billing and anti-toll fraud program, GOTCHA!, was marketed primarily to large institutions and hotels. Having just finished a successful implementation effort at Worldwide Expensive Resorts and Spas, I was on the beach looking for a new assignment. I waited less than half a day before my boss called me in and asked me how I felt about being project manager for something new and different."

Step On It
This project …

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