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Retiring the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition


As of 31 March 2022, PMI has started the phased process of retiring, or “sunsetting,” the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. Stakeholders may continue to purchase print copies through retailers and resellers, but only while supplies last. Once the stock is depleted, PMI will not reprint additional copies of the Sixth Edition.

However, we know that many professionals, especially those preparing for the CAPM exam, still refer to and use the Sixth Edition in their daily work. Therefore, we are maintaining several different ways stakeholders can access the content for the foreseeable future. PMI members can download a free PDF of the edition and non-members can purchase the eBook format, both in English and other languages currently supported. Additionally, the content will be included in PMIstandards+™, which PMI members can access for free, and non-members can access via a monthly subscription.

The PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition carries the ANSI-accredited Standard for Project Management, so we recommend syllabi be based on this edition. But please note, after the evaluation of the content, select concepts from the Sixth Edition are still viable project management practices. For example, we recognize and support the Process Groups Model outlined in the Sixth Edition as one of several valid and reliable models. Therefore, we are developing a …

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