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Making a Hub a Home

The portal craze is dead and gone. Branding and public presence sites are beyond passe regardless of how dynamic they are. What can you do with a small investment that will impress the boss and yield an impressive ROI? Build a hub!

OopsOkay, It's a Hub

At the end of the day (that's about 10 minutes in Internet time), many organizations are realizing that what they thought were portals are actually hubsfairly well focused on the needs of a specific group of people. is an excellent example of this.

Partnering for $$

On the other hand, sites like are leveraging relationships with business partners to create pass-through opportunities and directly feed their core business. Their site generates a high volume of traffic, largely from customers checking the status of their packages. Apparently someone finally woke up and said, "Why not take advantage of all those eyeballs?"

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Building value

If you are content-rich, segmenting that content into hubs can also make your site more valuablefor you and the user. The whole is often more than the sum of its parts. Content-focus can increase advertising rates and provide a more effective venue for vendors to sell their wares. Not to mention making it easier for content aggregators to see the value of what you have to offer. …

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