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Intelligent Project Management

Most people associate Business Intelligence with the analysis of a customer population, financial data or product purchases, but BI can also play a tremendous role in successfully managing a project. Think about it: What is your project really about? It is all about metrics: percent completed, amount of effort, actual vs. budgeted. Unfortunately, project management rarely utilizes these metrics successfully. While in essence these metrics can help us learn over time and analyze baselines for project completion, the truth is that they are seldom analyzed and are most often tossed away. Even I, as a consultant admit it: I rarely use the metrics from a previous project for the next effort.

This is where BI can be so helpful for all levels of management. If you are successfully able to capture actuals on a project plan, you can develop a data warehouse to analyze this information. Over time, you will be able to capture metrics to really determine how long a project will take or how much a project will cost. Certain industries will find this sort of analysis invaluable. The construction industry, for example, has very repeatable tasks that can be measured down to very granular detail. If data were fed from construction projects all over the country, they would be able to better ascertain how long a particular task or project would take – setting the …

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