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This is the first installment of my regular column on process management and specifically components of distributed application development (DAD). I will also have other columns on other themes.

There are many reasons why management of the DAD process is important. Project managers who are building distributed systems are faced with a plethora of issues, not all of which are related to the DAD process, but many of which are related to the business management. Project managers must be able to separate those issues and not expect a methodology such as James Martin's DAD to provide solutions to all management problems.

It is crucial to distinguish process management from project management. Project management aims to deliver a product of value to the business on budget and on time (even though we know this only happens about 18 percent of the time, we share the fantasy). A process is not a project. A process describes business activities which provide value to the business. The big difference is that a project is dynamic and evolves over time whereas a process is static. A process can be described by a model; a project cannot. A process is predictive; a project is not. A process goes through continuous refinement and improvement to become optimal; a project is linear in time and cannot be repeated.

So we need to distinguish process from project. We also have to …

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