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Picking Up the Pieces

Process components are those pieces which make up a process definition and description. Those of you already familiar with the James Martin Process Library will be acquainted with the composition of our processes. Those who are not will be treated to a mini-seminar on Methodology 101. I hope all of you find this instructive, and hopefully your feedback will help me target your needs. So here goes

Most business activities can be thought of as processesmarketing, accounting, product R&D. In fact those processes when chained together form what we call a "value stream," i.e., a linking of activities that brings value to the business or its customer. For example, the lab dreams up the idea of a new internet agent to buy Christmas gifts. We do research. We do test marketing. We produce the software. Then marketing promotes our new software two months before the Christmas rush. Customers on the net love our agent (which we judiciously called "Santa") and we become the number one buying agent on the net.

This chaining of activities brings value to the business (real dollars and notoriety) and value to the customer (saving money; avoiding lines at the mall; staying home and shopping whenever it's convenient). From a business perspective, the chaining of those process pieces can be given many names; a "value stream," a "process thread," a "use case." From the customer perspective,…

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