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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Miriam Ziemelis

We have all received them at one time or another. That dreaded "although we are very impressed with your skill set…" letter. What do they mean? In particular, what does it really mean when they add "we will keep your resume on file for the next year and contact you should any further opportunities arise which match your qualifications"? In the past, it was a sure kiss of death. Who really believed that those companies would go back through the mountains of resumes they received, flipping through page after page of the thousands of applicants? The applicant may have thought it was possible, but a long shot at best, and the Human Resources department was full of good intentions, but rarely referred back to the volumes of resumes.


In the year 2000, these letters have a different connotation to them. They still don’t fill your heart with joy when you received them, and you might mistake them for a direct-mail coupon since they are more often than not in postcard form. In fact, according to those letters today, the hiring manager may not have even reviewed your resume yet. They are simply acknowledging that they received your resume. So, where do you stand and are you any better off than you were during the years of the standard "Don’t call us, we’ll call you" letters? The answer in most companies is, yes.


Today the majority of …

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