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Are You Prepping For The PMP 24/7?

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Are You Prepping For The PMP 24/7?

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Categories: Interviews, Training clearly receives a lot of support from our sponsors and advertisers.  We try to ensure that each of these has something to offer our members that is very relevant to their work. Clearly PMP Prep is important to large numbers of you. So, we occasionally interview training providers so that they have the opportunity to help you understand what makes their offering special.  Recently we spoke with Mark Norris, Director of Brand Development at LearnSmart to find out what they have to offer.  Here's what we found out...


Q.  What really makes prep training work for a PMP? Are there specific "must have" attributes that make all of the difference? Are any of those specific to Project Management?

Without question the best prep training for PMP will follow the latest PMBOK® Guide. Persons looking for PMP prep want to know that the training is from a PMI Registered Education Provider and of course Project Management students demand that the training not only prepare them for them to pass the certification exam but also have the available Professional Development Units for them to continue maintain their certification.


Q. Part of becoming a PMP is gaining a very complete understanding of the terms involved.  What particular method do you use to help students understand and remember the specific meaning and use of each term?  

LearnSmart courseware follows a Tell Me, Show Me, Test Me approach. It is our belief that successful learning comes from explaining the terms, showing real world scenarios, and testing students on the comprehension. Without a doubt, students preparing for the PMP® will want ease of accessibility and repetition. With LearnSmart training students can login to view and review their training from mobile phones, tablets and of course on their desktop computers. This allows candidates to simply and easily access their material anytime they need and to review terms with just the click of a button.


Q. Do your courses target a specific type of Project Manager? Or just anyone looking to become a PMP? Does the online approach work better for those with more experience?

LearnSmart training allows students to earn their PMP® or CAPM® certifications, as-well-as continue to use it to meet the Professional Development Units (PDU) requirement to maintain their certification. The online approach to learning allows for PMP® candidates to access their material anytime and from anywhere. Whether they are training at work or on the road, LearnSmart eLearning just makes training simple.


Q. What makes an instructor "good" online? How do you pick yours? Do your students miss out on much taking these courses online without support versus an in class experience?

The same qualities that make an instructor "good” in the classroom are the very same that make them "good" online. The best instructors are are fun and engaging, not to mention experts in their field. LearnSmart chooses their instructor based on career competency and we work rigorously with each to ensure that they can and will deliver and best training possible while at the same time doing so in a way that students are engaged and excited about the material. LearnSmart students have the added value of training 24 hours a day when it fits their schedule. With this flexibility, there is hardly much to miss. LearnSmart courses include labs and added materials for students to download and review as well as a social feature that make is simple for them to ask questions of their peers through the exclusive LearnSmart Learning Management Training System.

(LearnSmart is an advertiser on


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Thanks Dave for the article. As the past VP Education for my local chapter, and current President Elect, I'm very interested in education. My chapter has really focused a lot of energy and effort into our education program, as a means of marketing and as a way to add value to our volunteers.

We use REP developed curriculum, but have certified PMP volunteers as instructors. Over the course of a 15 or 16 course class, we give instructors a topic and let them teach it to the class, after a review of effective teaching and group engagement methods.

This allows us to offer the course at a great rate, include PMI and chapter membership in the tuition, and provide a great value to our members and volunteers.

Collaborative tools have increased interaction and have significantly changed the way of doing things. But I think there must be a balance, since companies sometimes abuse these tools and end up subjecting employees to be available 7 x 24. There should be a balance between work and personal.

Thanks Dave for a nice article.

Thanks for nice article

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Thanks, great info!

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