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This blog is about leadership as it applies to projects and project management, but also as it applies to society in general. The bloggers here manage projects and lead teams in both business and volunteer environments, and are all graduates of PMI's Leadership Institute Master Class. We hope to bring insight into the challenges we all experience in our projects and in our day-to-day work, providing helpful tidbits to inspire you to take action to improve—whether in your personal life, your business/work life or on your projects. Read, comment and share your experiences as we share ours. Let’s make the pie bigger! Grab a slice!

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The misconception of expecting leadership only from the people who have power and authority, or in other words, expecting power or authority to demonstrate leadership, prevents the potential of communities from being revealed. In order to understand how leadership is formed, I believe we need to consider those who come forward as leaders and how the followers engage with them.

With the experience of PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC), there was a “wow” point for us when we realized leadership is a journey, in other words, a process - initiated, executed and handed over. As a group of LIMC colleagues, we feel we need to share our thoughts with the community through this Servant Leadership, Serve to be Great blog.

I am part of this exciting blogger team mainly to encourage and inspire the readers to initiate their leadership journey and to discuss what tools they need to carry with them to achieve their purpose. You may expect that the colorful diversity of the bloggers will bring great examples of leadership from different cultures.  

Posted by Tolga Özel on: October 01, 2015 11:18 AM | Permalink

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I really appreciate the concept of Servant Leadership--great topic and I look forward to hearing more about this from your group's blog in the future!

"Leadership as a journey", love that thought!

Thank you for this helpful blog about Servant Leadership.

Can't agree with you more Tolga!

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