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The Customer Is Always Digital—So Make the Experience Right

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By Peter Tarhanidis

New and proliferating digital technologies are giving rise to new competitive businesses while transforming legacy organizations. It’s no longer just about the Internet, but increasingly tech-savvy users and inexpensive smartphones and tablets.

From an organizational perspective, it’s not just a matter of grappling with new technical platforms: The relationship between organizations and their customers is being transformed.

Before, the cornerstone of customer service was the golden rule: treat your customers the way you want to be treated. Customer relationships were facilitated and managed within just a few departments.

Disruptive technologies have enabled a shift to a new paradigm: customer empowerment. This ushered in the new platinum rule: treat your customers the way they want to be treated. Disruptive technologies integrate organizations to their digital customer experience and are simultaneously influenced by social, consumer and professional media portals like Facebook, Yelp, NetPromoter Scores, and LinkedIn.

Now, much of the work and measurement of this activity is shared across the entire supply chain of the customer journey, which requires more cross-team collaboration to report on the customer experience.

So the importation question has become: How can we make the digital customer experience flawless? This is the new competitive differentiator for companies. Those that stand apart in this respect build market leverage.

Project managers are one asset organizations have at their disposal to ensure success with this new digital customer experience dynamic. Here’s a four-stop roadmap for optimizing your organization for the brave new digital world we all live in.

  1. Establish a plan to:
    • Identify current customer journey paths.
    • Optimize those paths into one consistent and simple location.
    • Digitize that journey and make it available online, mobile and global.
  2. Build the requisite foundation required to sustain the digital journey (e.g., big data analytics, and mobile-first and cloud infrastructure).
  3. Transition customers from legacy operating approaches into the new digital journey with a change management plan that leads to sustainable adoption.
  4. Improve the experience by acting on key performance metrics that gauge the quality of the customer’s entire journey—don’t just rely on the customer service department for quality control.

How is your organization adapting to the new realities of our digital customer age? Please take a moment and share your thoughts.

Posted by Peter Tarhanidis on: November 17, 2015 03:48 PM | Permalink

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Firstly I'd like to thank you for sharing this great article, because difficult no be part of
of this new age , in my company we are beginning to see needs of change, In a world so full of competition and globalization, in which new needs arise on a daily basis, then , We are already working in the implantation of e-commerce.
Best Regards,

Maen and Andrea thank you for your kind remarks. Good luck on your ecommerce implementation. Just be aware that a digital experience is very different and may require collaboration with your customers in order to succeed!

Best regards,


very nice article. many thanks

good article. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Article. You can transform your marketing strategy into a Digital Experience Management
strategy to begin “wowing” your customers. Get started by:
• Discussing with your marketing team how digital touch-points are currently managed within your organization.
• Learning more about how to create a Digital Experience Management strategy for your company.
• Putting the tools in place that enable you to monitor and manage the end-to-end
digital experience.
• Seeking out guidance to help you succeed in delivering “wow” experiences at every
digital touch-point.

Recommended to all G5 Digital Experience Management® (DXM®) Platform, for more information.

Good article. Customer behavior has changed so businesses need to adapt themselves for this new behavior.

I feel like folks are spending a lot of time talking about metrics, but not about which metrics. Some provide insight done aren't very relevant.

There are models out there already. All people who xmas shop on amazon why they do. You gotta get past the convenience of having gifts shipped. All sorts of businesses do that. The value is selection, price, trusted retailer, good service, easy return. It's why people use zappos too, which was billed as amazon for shoes.

I'm reticent to buy from other sources, because I've been burned. Amazon guarantees purchases through their site.

It's the details that count, not just metrics, but which metrics.

The reason I use droid is I'm familiar with it and like Google apps for shopping lists, etc...

Find people's reasons for their current behavior and uncover what they want that's missing in their current services. Then offer those things.

Michael thanks for your comments and link!

Design thinking is essential in the new digital experience journey and getting it right means collaborating with customers. IDEO and others have been very successful in UX (user experience) Design.

Again great points and thank you!


Thanks Peter! I really liked your article...which I failed to state in my earlier comment! :-)
This is an interesting discussion too!

Great article Peter. I think a key component is how to fit your process into a portfolio management approach or possibly higher level strategy. I'm all about the 10000-foot view, but how does this translate down through the organization into responsive and nimble actions that deliver value to the end user.

Thought provoking post Mr.Peter! Yes, it all depends on how best we the project drivers collaborate with key stakeholders. Customer mostly plays King role be it ecommerce environment or a functional one. Monopoly and monopolistics are just history.We're very much thriving in 'perfect competition' where CHANGE and a red carpet to it is only saviour for BAUs.

Hi, quite insightful. Thanks for sharing. Could I share this in my org. with practitioners, giving reference to this link?

Steven Z. great points. Thank you! Some of the portfolio aspects would come from product development efforts to digitize customer journeys and how they experience your product / service. Alternatively, organizations still need to ensure cost to serve clients is low to ensure competitiveness in products and services. This would mean do not tie up clients on long calls or multiple hops to get resolution if you can avoid the problem in the first place. This gives back to the customer - their time!

Aness Yes please share and I look forward to any feedback for your team!

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