Top 10 Tips for Keeping PMO Passion Alive

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Passion (noun) / the trait of being intensely emotional.
PMO Comics, by Mark Perry

Top 10 Tips for Keeping PMO Passion Alive

Tip #1: Integrate your passion into your work. For some lucky people, work is their passion. But for many others, work is work. It may or may not be the source of one's passion. In fact, many times it can be the drain on one's passion. Take aim to recognize your many passions both professional and personal and find ways to interweave these passions into your daily work life. There is no better way to enhance relationships in the workplace with partners and with customers than to find and enjoy common passions with one another.

Tip #2: Eliminate irritating tasks. Make a list of the activities that you do not like to do. Then assess the tasks on the list and determine which ones can be compartmentalized or even eliminated. Seek to do the tasks that you do not like to do, but that must be done, as quickly as possible so that they do not loom overhead nor become overly burdensome or irritating.

Tip #3: Reacquaint yourself with your career. Take time to refresh yourself and reacquaint yourself with the reasons why you have chosen your career. Ask yourself what were your initial goals and motivations and if anything has changed with time. Write down all that you have accomplished since your initial career start. You might be both surprised and pleased with the outcome.

Tip #4: Be grateful. It is far too easy to overlook and take for granted that which we should be grateful for. Few people can achieve extraordinary success all on their own. Be grateful to all those who have helped you. Through your gratefulness, you will find renewed appreciation for all that you have accomplished and renewed enthusiasm for all that you wish to accomplish.

Tip #5: Surround yourself with good people. Work with and surround yourself with passionate, motivated people. Just as a positive attitude is contagious, so too is a negative one. It can be like a deadly workplace virus, affecting everyone that comes in contact with it. Recognize the importance of having a positive mental attitude and nurturing it by recognizing your successes, both large and small. There is no quicker way to lose one's passion than to exhibit a negative attitude or even to be in the presence of those who exhibit a negative attitude.

Tip #6: Recognize your passion. Recognize that you have not one but multiple passions. Seek ways to integrate them into your work. There is no better way to enhance productivity, morale, and relationships in the workplace than to find and enjoy passions with one another.

Tip #7: Expect to encounter negativism. Not everyone is passionate. Some people are dispassionate and show little emotional involvement. Others can be skeptical, objectionable, contrarian, and even negative. Though it can be sometimes disappointing and frustrating to work with people with less than good attitudes and outlooks, you will encounter it and therefore you must expect it. Don't allow the attitude of others to compromise your passion.

Tip #8: A book a week keeps passion from getting weak. At just about any executive development and training program, you will hear how important it is to read at least one business book a week. There is no single and more effective technique to widen one's perspectives, hone one's skills, and to fuel one's passions than to read. And, this is not limited to the executive team or executive level jobs. Reading is fundamental to many things; PMO passion is one of them.

Tip #9: Spread the word. Part of being passionate is spreading your passion about the workplace and amongst others. Don't keep your passion hidden away where only you know about it. Of course don't force it, let it happen naturally. Others will not only notice, but they will become passionate too.

Tip #10: Have faith in your passion. Often times, passion does not always follow a straight nor easy path. There will be times when results are not commiserate with effort and there will other times when that which you are passionate about is not viewed the same way by others. Remember, if the object of your passion was easy to achieve then it would not have ever been a passion in the first place. Have faith in your passion and stay committed to getting it right; results will follow.

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This was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for these 10 great tips.

May 2010 be the year of the PMO for all of us who truly believe this can make project management better for people, organizations and results.


Good tips! But easier said than done. The hardest to achieve among the tips is #5. In fact, I would say, corollary to it is "Develop people around you to become good people that will surround you." As a manager, this seems to be the most appropriate as mostly, you will be surrounded by people you manage. :-)

Passion is what gives a zest for life and as we spend more than half of our waking hours working, use that passion to enjoy what you do. This article has some wonderful suggestions on how to either rekindle or to increase your passion for your chosen profession. Maybe you didn't choose it, maybe it chose you, but make the best of it.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain. And as someone who resides in central Florida, we get lots of rain!

I plan to send this link to all my PM colleagues and hope it will inspire renewed passion for us all!

Great comments by all. Developing your people as a way to surround yourself with good people is simply excellent advice as this is the practical reality that most organizations face with respect to "surrounding yourself with good people." And how true it is that often our passion chooses use and not the other way around. Thanks to all.

Good, well written, and simple tips for Performance Appraisals. I personally benefited and my colleagues and company HR will surely make use of this information.
Big Ups!! to the writer

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