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UPDATED MAY 2020 - This blog will appear monthly from now on. Today, all organizations depend on technological innovation in order to sustain their existence. Analysis of emerging technologies and identification of those technologies with the greatest potential is essential to being prepared for upcoming projects. The objective of this blog is to establish future oriented technology analysis and insights. This blog was established to provide program and project managers with information about these emerging technologies. These emerging technologies have far reaching repercussions for program and project managers. This blog will jump-start the learning process and allow program and project managers to become proactive.

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In the next few years there will be an estimated 1.5 computer science jobs created in the United States.  Each year, the U.S. graduates 40,000 computer science majors.  

That means . . . between now and 2022 the U.S. will graduate about 240,000 computer science majors. In that same period of time the U.S. is expected to generate 1.5 million computer science related jobs. 

Those chilling stats cast doubt on the U.S. dominance in the coming era of rapid technology advancement!

Posted on: April 29, 2016 11:45 AM | Permalink

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Please specify, will it be 1.5M.

Between now and 2022 we will graduate about 240,000 computer science majors. In that same period of time the U.S. is expected to generate 1.5 million computer science related jobs.

Thanks Kevin. Please update your blog with this information.

Hi Kevin,

Is there any forecast breakdown for 1.5 million computer science related jobs ? I can foresee Artificial Intelligence will be in demand.

Thanks for sharing! I hope the US will open up their H1-B visa program more broadly so we can hire the best teams.

@ Ahmand I asked that same question and the panelist did not know if there was or not. I think AI, IoT, Robotics, Connected Car Platform Developers, Wearable technology application developers all as potential consumers of com sci majors.

You may find interesting this link

"The World Economic Forum reported that
China had 4.7 million recent STEM graduates in 2016.
India, another academic powerhouse, had 2.6 million new STEM graduates last year while the
U.S. had 568,000"

So you know where need to look. :-)

Dear Kevin
Interesting perspective on the topic "Growing Concern"
Thanks for sharing

We are very close to the year 2022
How have these numbers evolved?
It seems that in China and India a similar phenomenon is happening

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