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The Project Management Institute's annual events attract some of the most renowned and esteemed experts in the industry. In this blog, Global Conference, EMEA Congress and experienced event presenters past, present and future from the entire PMI event family share their knowledge on a wide range of issues important to project managers.

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Categories: Generational PM

The PMI Global Congress 2016 - EMEA offers three days of unprecedented professional development and a great opportunity to expand your network of contacts. The Congress is aimed at enhancing the set of personal skills and influence to boost the strategic goals of the Organization through the promotion and advancement of the project manager profession.

The Congress is an opportunity to reflect on the reality and practice of project management. Experts from different sectors will present practical solutions and case studies on the challenges posed by the evolution of projects and businesses today.

The program of the Conference, whose main theme is Accelerating Progress, Improving Performance, will focus on these themes:

Day 1: Globalization and its impact on the community of PPM

Day 2: Industry location and connectivity

Day 3: Organizational influence and impact


Not able to join us in Barcelona?

You can still be involved!

Kristin Jones, blogger at The Critical Path, a site, leads the Congress Community Team to bring the news and talks to those who cannot attend. This is a new experience in the community for this year's Global Congress - EMEA. The Community Team will cover all the presentations and will be live to share the best of the Congress: Kristin JonesYves Cavarec , Catalin-Teodor DogaruJoanna Newman , Carlos J. PampliegaLaura Samsó 

You'll have the opportunity to experience the Congress right along with the attendees.


"Good things happen when you become involved with PMI"

I’m honored to have been invited to participate in this exciting communication project, of which I have my particular expectations.

On the one hand, the Congress is a great opportunity to meet professionals and companies dedicated to projects. In short, it is the networking event par excellence for PMI on an EMEA level. But there are many reasons for networking.

As I commented in the following article, one of The real reasons for Networking was to discover ways to help others (who may one day be able to help you). In this sense, our work next week as members of the Community Team is very focused on adding value to colleagues who follow us, our network of contacts. We will share with them valuable first-hand information from the Congress. This is what we meant when we mentioned in that article Growing within the Network: bringing real value to our network of contacts. This is a good opportunity to bring value and information to all my network of contacts on social networks, but also to make new professional contacts in person.

As we said in the previous article, personal branding on social networks must be consistent, i.e., be a reflection on real life, then the Congress is the best showcase to meet colleagues and companions with the same concerns and similar problems when it comes to projects. We can learn from all of them and surely, everyone has something to contribute to others.

On the other hand, the PMI Global Congress EMEA is the biggest event to learn and discover new challenges and trends for the project management profession and for companies.

In today's complex and volatile environment, the success of the Organization depends on the proper alignment and integration of projects and programs with the strategic objectives of a greater size. In this sense, Project Managers have a complex picture of changes before us in which we must act as catalysts, implementing innovations that directly affect performance and competitiveness.

PMI gives us the opportunity to discover under its main protagonists’ guidance, how this is affecting the organizations, what trends are defining the needs of the market and what makes mature companies in project management be more competitive. The extensive PMI network provides an overview of the market and companies in various sectors around the world.

I will personally attend sessions related to the construction and civil work sectors, new trends in leadership, change management and the impact of project management in the strategy of companies through project management offices.

I invite you to join the Community Team staff during these intense days and share all this knowledge with your network and contacts.


Let's meet the team!

Be sure to check the PMI EMEA Congress 2016 event page for new posts every day, follow along with the PMI Congress Insights blog and follow us on social media using the hashtag #PMICongress!



Posted by Carlos Javier Pampliega García on: May 08, 2016 11:41 PM | Permalink

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