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3D printing is not just one of those new/emerging technologies.  In the next few years, is believed that 3D printing will be one of the top technology disruptors that will be impacting virtually every industrial segment - no exception.  It is expected to kill millions of jobs while creating far less new jobs.  Today, about 18 percent of organizations have 10 or more 3D printers in use according to Gartner.  Forecasters believe that the global 3D printing market will robustly grow robustly and reach $21 billion by 2020.  One recent publication reported that 2.5 percent of 3D printers are being used to produce products that CAN’T be created using conventional methods?  That is a real breakthrough.  3D printing is really early on in its development.  Its capabilities and value will only continue to increase and cause disruption to current practices and models as the technology matures.  We can all expect more programs and projects involving 3D printing in our future.

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This is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

3D printing is amazing. I believe in a few years most households will have them.

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