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Episode 364: Benefits of PMP Certification Explained

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Cornelius Fichtner help you with your PMP Exam Prep ( as well as earn free PDUs ( Passing the PMP Exam is tough, but keeping your PMP Certification alive is just as challenging. Preparing for the exam requires an in-depth study of the PMBOK Guide and dedicated study discipline. And once you are PMP certified, then you are required to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every 3 years to keep your certification alive. Let me help you make this journey easier with tips and tricks on how to prepare for and pass the exam as well as efficiently earning your PDUs once you are certified.

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Niraj Kumar, PMP

Is PMP certification worth it? According to Niraj Kumar ( -- the answer is an emphatic yes!

He not only says that the PMP salary you can expect is greater on average, but he also found many other PMP certification benefits. Having a shared vocabulary and enjoying a completely different and often steep career path are just two of them.

So if you are either already PMP certified or thinking about your own PMP Exam Prep and and wondering about the value of PMP certification, then this interview is definitely for you. Niraj and I explore the benefits of being or becoming a PMP from various aspects.

(This interview was originally published on The Project Management Podcast.)

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Excellent Podcast! I am investing in self-developing my career by getting a Master of Science in Project Management, and I am planning to take the PMP exam by the end of this year.

Veronica... Thank you! I'm very glad that you liked it. (And in a very self-serving manner, please don't forget that I also offer an online PMP Exam Prep training course called The PM PrepCast.)

It's never a dull moment listening to these podcasts. The insights garnered have assisted me to know how to maintain my PMP. I must give credit to the PM PrepCast which I used to prepare for the PMP exam earlier this year.

Thank you Melicia. Glad to hear that you find value in the interviews.

And yes... is indeed a great way to earn all your PDUs because ever since the latest PDU policy changes you can now earn all 60 PDUs from podcasts.

I take the PMP exam in 15 days at my employer's request. Thanks for providing information on the short term and long term value of the certification.

I feel like I am on track for continuous self-improvement and professional development. The suggestion to learn for 30 minutes each day and try to apply that knowledge the next day is one that I intend to implement in my daily schedule starting today! Also--love the suggestion to invest in yourself!

Thank you Cornelius, very informative and valuable

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