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Can we work 24 hours without using technology?

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A spirited debate just took place about the significance that technology plays in our personal and professional lives.  One side took the position that it is nearly impossible to go 24 hours without touching or being touched by technology.  The opposing side believed it is not that bad yet but rapidly moving in that direction.  Recasting that debate in the context of program and project management, has technology permeated our work to the point where it is now necessary for everyone working today needs a basic understanding of computer technology and cyber security? 


What do you think?

Posted on: September 27, 2016 03:34 PM | Permalink

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Of course it did - Even if we do not want to approach technology, we have to figure out an alternative plan as everything is dependant on technology these days.

It also depends on what type of work and projects but mostly, they have to use technology at some point.

The comment that caused me to write this was by a Program Executive that said, "We do not use technology in our approach to managing projects." I was stunned and not sure how that is even possible today. The use cell/smart phones, the team takes notes on tablets and so on. I think technology has become so common, we use it without thinking about it.

There is no turning back. Technology has embedded itself into our work day. It would be detrimental to the project to go off line.

Why 24 hours?
I understand the intent of that number is to illustrate how ubiquitous technology is and how reliant we are upon that technology, but the more relevant question is the degree to which project management relies upon technology. The answer is: completely. You cannot execute a project without technology. Whether that technology is used to send e-mails, track project schedules, talk on the telephone, message your team, or process invoices, we are 100% reliant on technology. Can we go 24 hours? Sure. But only in some artificial, convoluted experiment that's detached from the way we would ever practically work.

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