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Projects can be stressful. You are working on something that people in your organization care a lot about. Someone may have over-committed you or your team, and now they may be asking why you aren’t on time, within scope or under budget. You and your staff are working together to find solutions as best you can--but within your organization there is no one you can lean on for answers.

Luckily you already know that you can turn to to help with your project challenges. You know that is the largest community of project management professionals offering webinars, articles, templates, networking and more with one simple mission – to make you and your projects more successful.

But are your friends and colleagues aware that we're here to improve project success? Do they know that they have a network of peers available to help them with project challenges?

Click here to share with friends and colleagues. Let them know that we're here as a free resource AND earn badges for your profile while doing it! You can earn the badges below just for sharing our site with others.

Promoter – Refer 4 new members
Advocate – Refer 25 new members
Zealot – Refer 12 new members

We thank you for sharing our site and projects everywhere thank you for helping to improve their success rates!



Posted by Kristin Jones on: December 02, 2016 02:32 PM | Permalink

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Great stuff Kristin.

-- FYI, looks like the zealot and advocate are mixed up

Thanks Kristin, will share.

I agree with Andrew, Zealot and Advocate are mixed up.

Thank you! You were right! I made the changes.

Hi...By refering means ...i just have to put in email and name of the person? right?

Thanks for good info. will share with friends...

Last week I invited some students of a class I was given and I had to insert the e-mails one by one. I suggest a change, so we can include a list of e-mails.


This is a great feature, but like MNauro already mentioned it need to be improved. To enter the Names, email adresses one by one and each time commit also a chapta isn't state of the art nowadays.
There are inviting tools out there where you could invite your contacts by various sources just by selecting them out of a list for instance.



Great way to attract and offer services to the PM community folks...

Thank you all for your feedback AND for sharing! The badges are awarded once your referrals create an account with, thus becoming a new member. I will share your other suggestions with our development team!

Spread the word- the community benefits from professionals joining us and those joining us benefit immensely. I have benefitted from this.

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