The Cloud Hyperventilation

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The Cloud Hyperventilation

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Interviewer: Hello Mr. Cloud CEO, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me today.

Cloud CEO: Hello, of course. I am happy to be here.

Interviewer: So how is Cloud Inc different from the competition? What is your proposition value?

Cloud CEO: We do everything in the cloud. Anything that is not in the cloud is old and obsolete.

Interviewer:  These cloud offerings are really exciting stuff!

Cloud CEO: Yes, we only think, eat, drink and see clouds. Our strategy meetings are really white and fuzzy.

Interviewer:  You have had such an impressive growth in the last few years. Do you think you can continue to grow so quickly?

Cloud CEO: We are looking strategically at every cloud opportunity. We are very selective. Not all clouds are created equal, you know.

Interviewer:  What should everyone know about Cloud Inc?

Cloud CEO: We are the cloud. Clouds are us. We will never let any sunshine cloud our thinking.

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