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A leader brings out the best in his team

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Today my second son is 4 months old and I remembered what I wrote some time ago about the role of project manager as leader and I wanted to share it

Just as a parent has a responsibility to provide the chances for their child to achieve their goals, but in a different way, a leader has responsibilities with the members of his team. In general, if project and organizational interests are aligned with the personal objectives of team members, they will be expected to work more motivated and more likely to achieve the expected results, but this is certainly not a simple task and It also requires knowing the motivation factors of each person.

Here is a difference between a boss and a leader, the leader will work not only in relation to the purpose of the project and the organization, but also in making the best use of the knowledge and skills of each team member, as well as providing space for develop new capabilities. By doing this, each team member will have the opportunity to continue developing and growing as professional.

However, to achieve this, we must be prepared to delegate, without fear of giving up control. I participated for several years in projects oriented to identify and implement  improvements  in organizations and one of the phrases that I most remember is that: "If I am indispensable for the organization to continue working, then I must be doing my work in a wrong way". This, in no way means that anyone is not important to the organization, it simply means that part of a job well done, is that it has a structure and people trained to meet the needs of the organization. If a job is focused on a single individual, something is definitely wrong and the consequences of maintaining it could be detrimental to the organization. As much as possible, I try to keep this thinking in the projects.

"So, No one is indispensable but everyone is important"

Another way to see it is that if you want to continue growing, you must help others do it, in this case the members of your team.

Simply because doing it is the right thing, the rest comes by its own weight.

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I agree with what you have written, Luis, and find the best possible approach is one where you grow and inspire your team - that is when creativity and ultimate success happens. Creating that type of environment for your team leads to new and better ideas. Celebrating team successes and building your team for greatness - that is what we need in our companies!

I agree. Well said. Tapping into the motivations of each individual team player will certainly bring out the greatest achievements of these individuals. The team leader will have to act as an advocate for each team member as he/she looks to advancing his/her career. To each individual success may mean; more pay, more time off, more opportunities for advancement, greater challenges, new opportunities, among others. The PM has to be willing to listen well to hear and discern what these motivations are for his/her people.

A true analogy of a leader with being a parent.

Dear Luis
Interesting perspective on the theme: "A leader brings out the best in his team"

Very important point: "Another way to see it is that if you want to continue growing, you must help others do it, in this case the members of your team."

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