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Categories: EMEA

During the discussion, I heard the following sentences. "In my industry where innovation is key, we need to adopt it rapidly and we expect PMs to embrass and support change." "Being creative is natural to people"

Don't you find it weird? Please, have a look at it again. Personally I find is contradictory. Let me show you why.

Innovation is key

Yes! In most (if not all industries) innovation is key to make a difference with competitors.

Adopt it rapidly

Yes! The principle of innovation is to put something new into the market. And the faster you do it, the more benefits the company makes compared to competitors. Once competitors have something equivallent, there is no longer any advantage. 

PMs should embrasse ad support change

Here we understand that decisions are made at the top, which is a traditional way of running a business. And when I say traditional I mean a 20th century way to lead a large corporation. Is it the best way to innovate and go fast in such an organization? It would means that ideas are, if not generated, at least selected at the higher level of the organization. Then once decisions are made, PMs are supposed to silently obey and make it possible as fast as possible... Who would like to commit to such a job? Not me.

We are all creative

If this is true (personally I believe it is), people want to use their own ideas. They don't want to ask for authorization, which would leave room for a possible "Next time you have a stupid idea, please keep it for you". Nobody wants to be told what to do, unless you are learning something new: everyone wants to proudly show that they are capable of doing things by themselves rather than beaing treated like a child.

I believe that in large 21st century companies, people should be given clear guidelines and trusted to make decisions in their jobs to decide how to make it. Once you agree with guidelines, you should be free and responsible for reaching the objective. 

I believe that when we use words like "embrassing change" or "resistance to change" is an indication that companies don't have clear guidelines and don't trust people to do their job their way. I understand that for such companies innovation is a problem. But I don't know if they have a long future.

Posted by Yves Cavarec on: May 01, 2017 06:00 AM | Permalink

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