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Do you feel so excited and victorious like Julius Caesar? It has been a busy journey – Sunday evening while I was having an original Italian expresso I was reviewing the program of the Congress – 

I cannot imagine a PMI congress without a visit to the PMI bookstore while taking the first coffee of the morning .. Everything begins slowly and in seconds everything speeds up ... and suddenly you are in a room full of peers ...  people that came to see, meet, share and learn. 

And what about Vinci? We can say somebody Vinci when they really find something thrilling and that makes them think, create, inspire ... a eureka moment isn’t it? A wow --- Have you find it during the first day? If not, don’t worry, take your time to explore ... be curious ... stay hungry.

Even if you are a new comer or super senior PM professional, you can find in the congress a way to be updated about PM and latest researches, at the same time you meet face to face and you can also follow us through social media – a global experience ... 

Hey I feel right now like a gladiator, fighting my inner Tiger ... I attended the key note session delivered by Gabor George Burt, he talked about re-imaging boundaries, how as project managers we find ourselves leading in times of change and navigating through ‘puzzled’ waters – as super heroes ... Do you feel you have superpowers? ... Of course you have ... is all about people. Companies have people and those people have those superpowers. 

PMI Salon session addressed turbulence and uncertainty, chaos ... Do you think chaos is a door to opportunity? I think it is ... just think about the history of the different companies ... Everything is changing, evolving and transforming to a different thing and we will need to adapt. Global economy is influenced by different factors such political shifting’s, workforce demands, ‘seismic’ world powers movements, more ‘silos’ and less cooperation? The key is anticipation ... 

We need a break yes? :) It is really great to interact, discuss with attendants the session, even meet the presenter ...

Second session was hard to chose ... For one time, I wanted to have real super powers :) and divide myself in different replicas to attend most of the sessions ... Last year I met Thomas Mattus, he talked about strategic communication. He gave us some tips and tools that were very helpful for our day to day work.

But yes ... we had  to work a little bit ;)

To finish the day I attended a session from Werner Meyer, I met him also last PMI EMEA Congress in Barcelona. Is all about uncertainty ...  do you agree? Complexity comes then ... but do you think is it really complex or it could be really simple? I consider sometimes we tend to make things complex and in reality we just need to make an abstraction. 

Other topics have been covered during the firts day such strategic thinking, agile vs non agile environments, mindfulness, lean organization, portfolio management, strategic communications, ...

... but we don’t always Vinci right? I would like to share with you a ‘failure’ experience: and a Thank  you letter:Taming Tigers, A Thank you Letteró-msc

Tame the Inner Tiger, just go to the stage out there. Tomorrow the general topic is about Navigating Boundaries to Drive Innovation where you will have sessions about project failure, risk management, project success agile, portfolio management, creativity, disruption, PMOs, innovation,  ...

We had the change to meet one of the founders of PMI, James R Snyder

To conclude this post just a short note ... I am preparing a set of interviews ... coming soon! ;) If you want to share with us your experiences just stop us during the breaks or just in the speaking rooms and spread the word out there!

Posted by Laura Samsó on: May 01, 2017 09:07 PM | Permalink

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