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How I learnt about Project Quality Management from Exercise regime

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My colleagues in Quality Management or Project Management would know very well what a Fishbone Diagram is . Also known as the cause and effect diagram, It's one of the Quality Management tools to help map the various causes that lead to an effect or a problem.

Put simply, the effect or the problem is the head of a fish and the branches or the bones are the possible causes. Once you have put down all the causes, much like a mind map, you can more likely, find the critical causes, which you can eliminate to ultimately fix the problem.

At the gym, My personal trainer and I started noticing that my exercise form was deteriorating , especially at dead lifts and any exercise like squat which uses a bend-to-extend pattern. I used to frequently complain of back pain. It certainly did not mean that I was getting any weaker.

According to my trainer , my back was arching more and I was over-compensating and using my back to lift the weights more instead of the muscles that are supposed to aid in deadlifts , which are my glutes and my hamstrings.

He showed me the mirror , and pointed to an arch in my lumbar spine. It was an anterior pelvic tilt. It meant that I had tight Hip Flexors due to overuse. When I bend in a squat or a deadlift, the hip flexors resist because they are tight and do not allow me to maintain the good form. This consequently puts pressure on my back which tries to over-compensate , resulting in the back pain.

My exercise "Project" now had a few defects. I needed to zero down on the various causes through a Quality Management tool on my "Exercise" Project . What better tool to use than the Fishbone ? Going through the exercise of categorizing the causes and elaborating, I indeed came upon some causes.


One of them was sitting at an office desk for 8 hours. I have since shifted to a standing desk at work. My trainer and I have begun work on the tight hip flexors and have started releasing them using foam rollers and other techniques.

The biggest achievement - I have learnt to use a Quality Management tool on any Project !!

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That is so fun! What a great way to get to the root of the problem too. Hope you're back is stronger and you're seeing gains again in the gym. Thank you for sharing.

Great one Deepesh, thank you! But even standing for too long is painful, best to switch it up, and take a short walk at least once an hour.

Keep it up!

@Andrew I wish I had those desk that can change Height a stretch of work standing an other seated!

@Deepesh, I love the Fishbone diagram in risk also!

Good one. Thanks for sharing your story!

Interesting application of quality management in personal life. Good! Thank you!

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