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Taking charge of a Project and Project Manager responsibility

I recycled my house a few years ago, ultimately saving the structural differences as if I had built it. In fact it is very likely that it is the only recorded case in which I co-directed his work since it was a real challenge to carry out such a task. Anyone who has experienced this experience ever knows what I am talking about and how stressful it is to carry it out in the planned time representing this in scope a real challenge. That's why I came into my head how could I relate this to a project ?.

It is an exciting time to see the builders in the process of creating the material conditions to give the starting point in the recycling of work. This means to see something done that once happened as an idea in our head, and to see that the desired work is in a point of no return and march towards its realization as planned. The closest equivalent in the world of project management is the stage in which one as a project manager is beginning to think about how the project plan will be. Process by which we establish the steps by which one will have clearly identified how will proceed in the project planning.

Organize the team:

The construction of a house involves having a large space (land), a team of builders who contemplate a work team (Plumbers, masons, electricians and of course someone who runs the work (Architect). It is vital in this to develop a good work scheduling scheme (WBS) to ensure the timely and appropriate fulfillment of the purpose of our planning, that is to say the When it comes to a project - service it is important not to leave anything at random and the coordination of the project team in full execution is vital to the project. To be able to provide predictability to our client.

Knowing the final destination:

As in the construction of a house, one has to be clear how that house will be at the end of the work, to this we could mentally represent it as we would like to see it at the end of the work. It was well at the time that I was recycling my house, for this to happen, since I had to supervise in the day to day so that these tasks were fulfilled jointly with the architect in the monitoring and control. The same can happen with the direction of development projects (Software or Infrastructure). If you do not know what the final goal is, how do you plan to achieve it? If you have any doubts in your mind about how to do it, you need to resolve it as soon as possible, because later it may be too late and ask the project team even if it looks stupid , May be a good idea and see what your return will allow us to solve it.

Raise solutions:

In the middle of a construction site, you may not be able to get some material that you can collect and you need to make a commitment, you can detect that the budget is running out of control and without monitoring. And also that the builders are encountering some problem that stops the work until a moment that can be solved causing in this way an unforeseen detour. All these instances need an immediate response and solution that somehow you are responsible. In the same way the project manager is constantly exposed throughout the project to situations that need to be resolved in a timely manner before it becomes an out of control deviation. In fact during the life cycle of the project, you can see yourself as a firefighter in the middle of the flames acting reactively, when calmly and with a proper planning could act proactively preventing the fire. Once you become a facilitator of solutions, you have more freedom of action to direct, delegate and act accordingly. The key for you to do this is to choose the right time to do it instead of running desperately over time with your chimerical solutions to easily identifiable situations in the project tracking process.

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Agree. Building a house requires:
- objectives and value definition with acceptance criteria.
- planning (very important !)
- execution (building) with monitoring and control,
- closing

I think some companies or PMs should keep this comparaison in maind to avoid projects built with the roof before the walls!

Very appreciates your appreciation. I felt like the idea of comparing the management of a project from the point of view of what led me to recycle my house. Example to take it to my project team. Something about what I focus on is always to Plan for as simple as possible, always plan.

Thanks for the feedback

Regards ,

Construction, specially your own house add the to the PM context. A few years ago I renovated my kitchen, will living in the house. I have seen first hand stakeholder (family) pressure to get the kitchen back.
Renovation in a plus then fifty years reserve a few surprise.

Having a foundation to every project is key.

This project base has a lot to do with the lessons learned in the management of previous projects. And there is something that I consider essential to the planning. Carry out a good tuck-out scheme (WBS). Thank you for your contribution.

Regards ,

Applying the fundamentals of project management in relation to our daily lives (outside of business projects) is also a good practice of honing your skills. Thank you for sharing.

Yes its true, running a project is like building a house.

Before coming in actual development, we need to make sure the plan is accurate. We need to feel the product by building the prototype first and then come to the actual development.

Okay, always plan even if it's minimal. But plan !!!

Thanks for the feedback

Regards ,

Its a nice analogy.

Always plan for a minimum that is !!!

Thank you all for your comments...!!!!


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