An Update On PMI's Consensus Based BA Standard: The Final Phase

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A new collaborative blog featuring the contributions from the core team members of PMI's Foundational Standard in Business Analysis. This blog will provide the community with insight into PMI's development of the standard to generate professional discussions about the content in advance of the scheduled reviews.

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An Update On PMI's Consensus Based BA Standard: The Final Phase

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By Laura Paton

Believe it or not, it’s been over 8 weeks since we updated this blog! We apologize for the gap in our communication, but the team has been busy on our final phase of development work. The public review process was amazing. We received a ton of comments, and like the SME review process, the feedback was insightful, engaging, and very supportive.

The development team reviewed each comment and compared and contrasted the opposing viewpoints. We researched, analyzed, collaborated, and made final changes to the draft. One thing is for sure—PMI’s business analysis standard and guide is a true end-product achieved through the collective experience of business analysis professionals from around the world.

The PMI Guide to Business Analysis (Includes The Standard for Business Analysis) is undergoing final editing and later this summer will be heading for layout and publication. You will find the development team reaching out to PMI chapters and engaging in a number of venues to promote the soon to be launch of this “game changing” business analysis standard.

In case you missed our prior blogs where we highlighted the value proposition or if you saw them but have forgotten what makes this newest PMI standard so special, here are the top five value propositions that I enjoy sharing:

  • Provides a thorough exploration and description of business analysis that is applicable and usable for individuals and organizations regardless of the project life cycle in use.

Let’s face it—many teams are moving from predictive delivery models and are faced with understanding what business analysis looks like in an adaptive life cycle. Whether your team is using waterfall, agile or any delivery framework in between, this guide explains business analysis using language that supports your work.

  • Makes full use of the extensive PMI research conducted when developing PMI’s professional certification in business analysis (PMI-PBA®) and leveraged when developing PMI’s Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. The end result is a standard based on common practices and community input, and one that is thoroughly aligned to other PMI business analysis products.
  • Utilizes a similar design as A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), which provides an opportunity to draw relationships and comparisons between project management processes and business analysis processes. A great way to explain how business analysis relates to project management!
  • Leverages the beloved Collaboration Points that were first showcased in PMI’s Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. Collaboration points are concise snippets of advice focused on bringing awareness to various opportunities that business analysis professionals can leverage to work with other product roles and stakeholders for improved performance and success.
  • A robust glossary of over 500 business analysis terms and definitions that provide foundational context to understand the business analysis language, regardless of the delivery method used within your organization.

Our team is excited that the product launch is fast approaching (Q4). Keep following us for highlights and news. Lastly, thanks to everyone in the community who has contributed and made PMI’s full consensus based standard in business analysis possible.

Posted by Laura Paton on: July 11, 2017 02:44 PM | Permalink

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That's Great News & Efforts Laura - Good Luck !

Thanks to all who contributed from across the globe!

Thanks for Sharing this update, Laura.
Can't wait holding the result of all that effort in my hands!

And many thanks to you and your team who has made PMI’s full consensus based standard in business analysis possible.

Really great stuff. Thanks so much for the efforts and keeping us apprised on the progress.

Thanks Andrew! The team is so excited to get this out into the community.

Thanks to Rolf and Ahmed too!

thanks for this team..

Nice, Thanks for the initiative!!

Thank you so much and best regards Laura for this tremendous contribution at the disposal of the PMI community.

Thanks everyone...but let me say we had tremendous support from our community. This will be an amazing product for organizations and individuals. Can't wait for you to see it!

Thank you Laura!

I´m waiting to get my copy in order to study this PMI's Standard for BA.

I'm happy to have contributed with my small commentaries on the draft and that it's being recognized on Appendix X2. Kind regards!

I too am looking forward to getting this standard in hand. I expect this will be the avenue I next pursue in my business career. Thanks for the concise excerpt. Rebecca

Can't wait!

Looking forward to it. When you say Q4 does that mean December 2017?

Thanks everyone for sharing your excitement. Stéphane I wish I could provide a more specific date, but I can't. All I can say is that PMI recognizes the need for this important standard, and everyone is working very hard to deliver as soon as possible while not sacrificing quality. I am proud of the team, because looking back, the kickoff occurred in 2016, and we are delivering in 2017 while taking in a wealth of valuable comments and suggestions from SMEs and the international community! I think you'll be impressed with the end-product knowing it was built from scratch in this very short-time table.

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