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August 09, 2017 03:07 PM

The importance of building an Implementation Roadmap.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the starting phase of an important business transformation project, after visiting the project objectives, the needs of different clients, the urgency of having certain capacities for the users in a short period of time and the multiple technological difficulties, I consider vital to have an overview of how our project is conformed and how it will be implemented.

For this reason, and once defined a clearer vision of the product or service and its key characteristics, I consider that the following components can (and should) support the solution to the initial problems and questions that face the business, the operational groups and delivery teams.

Building the Implementation Roadmap:

1. Define a clear timeline and dates when key services are expected by customers.

2. Define the key milestones and key deliverables that give value to the business.

3. Define, together with the delivery team, suppliers, operations and the business, the acceptance criteria for these deliverables.

4. Integrate in the Implementation Roadmap, not only the technological phases, include the testing phase, the integration of components phase and important business initiatives as well

5. Integrate in one single Roadmap: project releases vs. enterprise annual releases vs. project portfolio releases


Change management area will add value by supporting the identification of those key operational components that could be affected by this new platform and achieving better platform acceptance by integrating adoption workshops across the implementation map.

I am convinced that this dynamic in the early stages or as part of the pre project is the best investment of time as project team, as it will provide important elements that will help us define an implementation strategy that is aligned with the business vision.

Please share your thoughts and key elements to integrate in this high level Implementation Roadmap!

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Good stuff, Ricardo. Thank you.

This is very interesting to read, thanks.

I wonder what is your strategy with Dinosaurs (long-serving against change employees)

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