Sharing my thoughts on PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition

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Sharing my thoughts on PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition

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In this, I shared my view on PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition. The Video covers

1. Updates related to Knowledge Areas and Processes

2. Updates related to Agile

3. Detailed view of each Knowledge Area

Posted on: September 12, 2017 03:49 AM | Permalink

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Thanks for sharing Saket - As usual, good review.

I'll check your review before I read it this weekend.

Quite a broad and in-depth review of the new PMBOK. I especially appreciated your quantification of the extra effort for PMP exam candidates.

You might want to consider creating a PMP exam preparation upgrade outline for those who considering moving their exam out. I'm sure there would be quite a few people interested in it.

Thanks Saket for this (very Nice)

Thank you all for your comments,

Stéphane Parent , I liked your idea of Upgrade Program, will consider it. As of now working on making video contents based on PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition.

@saket - Thanks for that :-) I agree your analysis.
I think the 'shift' in chapters 1-3 of the description of the scope of a project to be change, plus the increased explicitness of the link to context and the resulting duties included in a role to manage change is, in total seismic.
The pmbok's new and imho finally correct stance now reveals what I think has for so long been implied - the role of many pms is just to create outputs. They are suppliers not managers of change.
The fall-out of this, not least for how it affects leadership roles in industry but also how it affects candidates in pmp exams is huge.

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