Good ideas can come from bad ideas

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Good ideas can come from bad ideas

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A great approach to problem solving - I appreciate the Side Kick approach discussed in this article. As PMs (or as Scrum Masters) we solve problems, remove roadblocks, and support our teams as much as possible. Ayse Birsel's article brings up interesting ideas on how to prepare for the worst.

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Thanks for sharing the article, Julia. I found it riveting and thought provoking.

thanks for sharing , it found good for new one

Thanks for sharing

Great read, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the share, Julia. I find that simply sharing an idea, although, not alway's the best, will spark the engine of ideas with the others - not every idea is going to be the right idea. It is by sharing ideas that the group comes to the right one.

Thanks for sharing

Good One Julia - One of my favorite quotes is:

"Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment"

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