High-Risk Endeavor Wins PMI Project of the Year

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Some projects just scream out “RISK”, in capital letters and blinking neon. Such was the case with the AY-102 Recovery Project. This was an effort to prevent radioactive waste in a leaking tank from escaping and contaminating the nearby Columbia River, the source of drinking water for many residents of Washington and Oregon, USA.

The team succeeded in meeting its goals and it did so 17 days ahead of schedule and US$8.7 million under budget. These were some of the factors behind the selection of AY-102 Recovery Project as the 2017 PMI Project of the Year. Learn all about this amazing project in November PM Network.

Our coverage of the winner includes details on how the team handled the many risks. A Monte Carlo analysis predicted a 12 percent chance of success. Schedule planning was extremely important—two full-time schedulers ultimately oversaw 9,000 activities. Critical-path analysis was the team’s most important scheduling tool.

After the project ended, the team shared lessons learned with other nuclear storage sites. They continue to look at why the tank leaked.

As always with PM Network case studies, we add a personal touch with a mini-profile of a project manager and his or her career and career lessons learned.

Watch for future issues of PM Network for detailed case studies of PMI Project of the Year finalists, as well as the PMO of the Year winner and finalists.

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Very interesting

Looking forward to my November issue!


Nice sharing, interesting

Environmental risks and no margin of error. Great risk management,very impressive. Thanks

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