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There’s an unfortunate misconception out there that project managers’ thought processes run on a line as straight as the critical path of a project. That’s wrong, right? Right! Organizations need to be creative in today’s fast-changing, hyper-speed world. And who better to hold the creativity torch than project managers, the folks who Get Things Done?

In the current PM Network, read all about the high demand for creativity in the work world. Project managers who come up with fresh ways to navigate complexity and create value with their projects are going to stand out. If you are open and flexible, you can be creative. Smart hiring managers know that creativity is not an innate skill but can be cultivated.

So while project managers may not be artists or songwriters or any other field traditionally associated with creativity, they can be creative simply by navigating challenges that to ordinary mortals might appear impossible. And research shows the C-suite is looking for you, Mr. or Ms. Creative Project Manager.

How did you show creativity in your projects? Please let us know in the comments.

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Good Post Dan !

Project Management is a very competitive industry so if you do not show creativity, you can't compete. You can show creativity in your management style, communication skills, value engineering.

I thought creativity died when I left my music band when I was around 20 years old. But I discovered it again in the various projects that I have managed.

I thought creativity died when I left my music band when I was around 20 years old. But I discovered it again in the various projects that I have managed.

Project management is unique in its delivery. I've read some of this issue already and really enjoyed it.

Every project is a unique endeavour. This forces me to be creative in tailoring processes, people and technology.

I don't think that I have ever faced any two problems of similar nature, they always come with a unique twist. Every project has it's own environment, mostly different stakeholders and certainly different kinds of risks and so on. A project manager has to be creative in finding best fit solution to manage the issues.

Thanks for posting.

creative efforts in Project managments come through dealing and treating problems and challenges, ehen you turn problems into winner style, regarding to management success constrains.

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