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Do our projects impact distribution of wealth.

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Have a look at this article “Technology has unveiled a troubling economic truth” from the World Economic Forum.

Some projects reveal the gap that is increasing some may contribute!

In the video, look at the gap between productivity and wage over time.

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The WEF have never exactly been the bastions of truth, and they have their own agenda to push. The article reads not much different to a socialist call to action. While extreme or unjust disparities in wealth is a concern, I would stop short of creating the mindset that "distribution" initiatives must be put in place. People, groups, companies and even fat cats should be able to earn what they can legally without a ball and chain around their neck to assist the masses. That doesn't mean that programs such as charity, donations, and good old neighborly love can't chip in once in a while. That is a form of distribution that doesn't cost anything, is freely given, and doesn't steal (read as unfair government mandated wealth distribution methods) from thos entities that created the wealth in the first place.

Sante, thanks for sharing you views.
WEF might have a different agenda, in that it believe in more equality for our economic model to be sustainable.
I think some part would be interesting to further evaluate, new governance can be inspired.

Interesting. To answer the title: It depends on the type and nature of the project.

Interesting article

Very good, thanks for sharing

The Internet has also helped skew the wage distribution. It used to be that an industry had to contain multiple companies that could be moderately profitable as there were very real constraints that prevented one company from running far ahead of the pack.

Now, it's not unusual to for a whole industry to be concentrated in the hands of a very few. People around the world no longer have to settle for good enough.

That creates a lot of profit in very few hands.

Rami, agree not all nature and type of project have an impact.

Yes, some market condition are helping and we are also by our choice.

Outstanding post, Vincent. Related discussion on the ideas of impact investing in this two-part series right here on

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks Richard
Yes enjoy reading those two and some more of your blog post.

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