2017: Year in Review

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"I wish I had me when I was you..." That expresses precisely how I feel each time a project manager or PMO leader tells me a story about their frustrations encountered while trying to create effective and sustainable change, build (or fix) a PMO, or deliver projects successfully. I always think to myself…I wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve made it my mission to share with you everything that I have learned while creating change and building PMOs in both large and small organizations for the last 24 years, many of those years as an employee in the "hot seat" responsible for building internal capability. I’m hoping these articles help you along your journey as you continue to evolve and develop skills and techniques to be the high-IMPACT leader you are meant to be. Learn more at ImpactbyLaura.com

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Hot Topic: PMO

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Are you spending the last day of most holiday vacations traveling, tossing, or turning? Well, boredom and monkey-mind be banished! Put your travel time to good use by catching up on what you might have missed in 2017, learn new ways to drive IMPACT in your organization and careers.

Here are the articles shared in 2017:

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Because I wish I had me when I was you…

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5 Steps to Avoid Rescuing Project Team Members

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Does a PMO need a charter? Probably not.

Hot Topic: PMO Startup

Top 10 Mistakes PMO Leaders Are Making and How to Fix Them

Quick Tip: Stop Calling Yourself a Project Manager

Did You Know That Project Management Can Change the World?

The Big Credibility Differentiator

Top 5 of 2017

The year 2017 came full circle, beginning and ending not only how to drive IMPACT in your organization and career, but also how project management can make an IMPACT in the community. Cheers to a bright 2018!

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HNY Laura! Thank you for all your contributions to our community. They are much appreciated.

Happy New Year Laura! Thanks for listing out your 2017 posts.

Thank You Laura for sharing those articles. Best wishes for a new year to you.

Happy New Year Laura. The PMDoS is very interesting, never heard of it before. Can you ellaborate more on this ? And how we can engage in it ?

@Rami Yes! Thank you, please check out the website, PM4Change.org as well as reach out to Mike Hannan @ Mike.Hannan@pm4change.org

HAppy New Year Laura.
Tnx for sharing.

thanks for all information

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