BREAKING NEWS- Cryptocurrencies Plunge

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The 1375 cryptocurrencies nave a market cap of $492,357,479,650!  What a sell-off. 

Is the future of digital money now in question!

Posted on: December 22, 2017 12:29 PM | Permalink

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This will be always a question, for now !

Well it has recovered a bit. Now it is $531 billion. We talked about all the ups and downs of something new like this. Thanks for your close monitoring.

I'm on the fence on this.

Thanks for sharing

And it has recovered a fair amount now to $537,486,593,502

Bad news: quantum computers, when will be commercial available, will break "crypto" anything, Good news: quatum computers will make all related to security more secure. When quantum computers will be commercial available? We will not be aware on that due to the strategic matter, I think.

Only another couple of decades before all bitcoins are mined.

Cyptocurrencies always fluctuate wildly. If you want cryptocurrencies to have a brighter future, not only do you need widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based technologies by larger organizations, but you also need blockchain to be faster. Last I checked, transaction verification performs 200x slower than VISA. In order to increase the speed of blockchain reading, you need a lot more computers on the hash verification network and the network needs to be even more secure.

The security of the blockchain ledger speaks for itself, but a lot of things need to happen before cryptocurrencies, etherium contracts, Z-coins etc become more mainstream!

Matthew, you can always pay a modest fee to have your blockchain transaction verified faster.

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