The question of the day- How many Gigs are you wearing?

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An article in Scientific American asked the question:

How Many Gigs Are You Wearing?

They went on to explain that magnetic clothing (MC) could be coming to a clothing retailer near you.  The MC could be used to store user names, passwords and other important commonly used data.  Hope it has cyber security measures figured out!!

So now the second big question:  Anyone have that on their radar for future projects?



Posted on: December 26, 2017 03:36 PM | Permalink

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Ohh Great!! Just what we all need.

Happy Holidays!

I hope this is not wide spread!

Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year !!

We keep looking for solutions to make things easier, though, sometimes easier causes downstream complexity.

I will have some changes to my projects in the new year, just not down this path.

This may sound weird now but who knows that the neck tie you wear in 10 years will be your portable hard drive or the key to unlock your office computer.

Thanks Kev for sharing

@ Najam ALSO include: You neck tie is the second factor along with facial recognition that allows you access to a facility, or recognizes you when you get in your car and so on and so on!!!!

Good share :-)

If they're anything like drones, security will come afterwards.

@ Stéphane - will be surprised (SHOCKED) if they look at building in security during design or even back further during requirements gathering!

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